Does this dress make me look fat?

I know, I know. We don’t want to admit that we think this, but we sometimes do! We find ourselves worrying if our hips look huge or if the post pregnancy belly is showing or that extra menopause weight is tugging at the seams. You know what I’m talking about, right?

When I get dressed in the morning I simply want to find that item of clothing that never fails me. That top that I can throw on with jeans and KNOW I will look great. Or that perfect dress that, when paired with black tights and boots, is awesome.

The picture is of me on one of those days wearing a dress that never failed me. I wore it until it needed to be mended!

I think of it as feeling safe. Safe as in confident. Safe as in covered, but not swimming, in my clothes. Safe as in easy and care free.

K. Becker is all that. Artsy without being too artsy. Unique without being weird. Wearable without fussing.

Launch is coming on FRIDAY! Stay tuned!

Can you think of other petite women? Would you share this email with them?????? Perhaps cut and paste the following to write in your email…….

“Hey there, I am anxiously awaiting the launch of a new petite clothing line and thought you might want to know about it too!”

Merci! Cheers!


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