About & Give Back

I believe everyone deserves beautifully made clothing that fits their body. Petite bodies included.

K.Becker is a petite, limited run collection for sizes 2-24. We’ve designed our clothing for petite frames. We’ve also tailored the clothes to be inclusive- for anyone who wants to dress even a little femme.

Beyond focusing on petites, here is a bit about the values we are bringing to the table at K. Becker… 

We recognize the concerns about global warming and the negative effects of the fashion industry. 

We are doing some specific things to lower our carbon footprint...

  1. Sewing all garments in New York’s Garment District. This greatly reduces the shipping distance.
  2. We include a shipping label in each order we send out that allows the customer to use the box they received their clothing in to send unwanted clothing from their closet to a fabric recycler.
  3. We will be offering a buy-back program for our garments. Send your K. Becker garments back, we will clean and mend them and then relist at a discount on the website. A clothing circular lifespan is a great way to keep them out of landfills.
  4. We gather all scraps created in the manufacturing of the clothes and send them to a fabric recycler.
  5. The Essential Swing Dress is made of Cupro, a sustainable/recycled material and the Essential Swing Coat is made of wool which is naturally renewable, sustainable and recyclable.



We also have an in-house give back program.  I am a fierce advocate of women's rights and, before starting K. Becker, I was sewing a doll every day, by hand, out of recycled clothing.  The "Dolls for Change" raised over $12,000 which was all donated to DROTY Uganda (Dreams of Tropical Youth Uganda) to build bathroom units in rural schoolyards for girls and young women.

Now with the founding of K. Becker Designs, 5% of all profits will be donated to continue to fund the construction of these bathrooms. 

When girls begin menstruation, they often drop out of high school due to the lack of private bathrooms.  DROTY Uganda is changing that one school at a time.  The facilities constructed at the Misoto Primary School is rural Kyotera, for example, is currently being utilized by 357 girls and young women.  Prior to this, the girls were sharing toilet facilities with boys and teachers.  At Misoto, girls' hygiene has greatly improved and absenteeism cases have reduced.

Educating girls is a top priority for us here at K. Becker.