"Keep doing exactly what you're doing"

"Keep doing exactly what you're doing"


There's nothing more affirming than seeing customers try on the collection. 

One woman came into the booth and said "Keep doing EXACTLY what you're doing- your designs, your fabrics, your colors are spot on".

Many others wanted to know where to find the clothing out in the world because they have friends they want to show it to.

When people touch the fabrics they are impressed with the quality. 

When they try a piece on they love the way it makes them feel. 

When they hear my story they purchase.

When a piece of clothing really fits, is made of high quality fabrics, and is a little bit glamorous, it stands out.

Sustainably sourced high quality fabrics and linings, sewn in the garment district in NYC, and 5% of profits is used to support educating young women in Uganda.

Are you ready to take the leap and buy your first piece of K.Becker?????



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