A short (ish) history of my journey to clothing designer...

A short (ish) history of my journey to clothing designer...

NYC. 1990. Just finished college. No job. No permanent home. $100 in my pocket (given to me by my mother).

NYC was calling my name.

I had an interview with Liz Claiborne as I graduated from RISD, but no job offer as I arrived in the big apple.

A friend had an apartment I could crash at for 2 months and for free.  After the two months we moved from the 11th floor to the 14th floor in the same building.

The free apartment WAS INSANE!  I was living in an artist loft that belonged to two very famous artists who were friends with VERY FAMOUS ARTISTS.

I had a deKooning doodle pinned to one wall, a Red Grooms taxi cab shared my bedroom with me, Alex Katz was well represented and a few other odds and ends.  IT WAS INSANE.

The space was 2500 sq ft.  2500 SQ FT!  WE were just around the corner from LIMELIGHT!  We were on the permanent guest list for several clubs because we knew ROMEO.  No bridge and tunnel lines for us!  In the apt on the 14th floor (see pic above for view from my bedroom window) we had enough space to invite 100 friends to parties and we danced!  The apt had a front porch and a back porch (from which we could see the twin towers at the World Trade Center).  We had a grill out there.

Eventually Liz C offered me a job (See pic at the top of this post for the view from my desk) That job was basically the most amazing training for starting a clothing line I could have ever asked for.  I was the runner/ shopper/ gopher for Lizwear. Liz Sport, and Collection.  I designed a whole line for the outlet stores to try out new mills, I shopped for inspiration (think unlimited funds and daily walks out in Manhattan).  I was living the dream.  And learning soooooo much.

My weekends were spent scouring Barney's, Bergdorf's, Bendel's, Daffy's, and Century 21.  I'd start out on Saturday morning with a subway ride to the Union Sq farmers market and coffee in the west village at this amazing Italian pastry shop, then, after dropping off my groceries, I'd go back out to shop.  My strong opinions about how to best dress for your body were formed during these years.

I loved the hustle of NYC.  I loved the energy.  I couldn't get enough of the shops in SOHO- Zona being a very special place.  The galleries, the jewelry shops, the cafes..... I sopped up every tiny detail.  

The fastest way to/ from work was THROUGH Macys- which, at the time, had a provisions shop in the basement which had amazing food. My local deli knew my order- coffee, hot, cream, no sugar and an egg and cheese on a bulkie roll.  

9ish years of living in NYC- Upper West Side, Chelsea, Greenwich Village... it was a wild time.  

Both of my children were born there.  My daughter's playground was Washington Sq Park. My last apartment had a 24 harness computerized loom in it and about a thousand cones of yarn.  

We've moved a lot over the years and now reside in Maine, in the woods, far away from NYC.  But NYC still inspires me.  


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