Adopt a “Cost Per Wear” Mentality…

originally published September 16, 2023

Many of us want more ethical and sustainable practices to be standard in the manufacturing of our clothes, but the resulting retail price sometimes results in serious sticker shock.

I invite you to consider a “Cost Per Wear” mentality. As the article I have linked to suggests, in the past we did’t buy piles of cheap clothing. We would invest in a few new pieces for a season and wear them for years. Clothes were never as cheap as they are now. In many ways, the idea of purchasing an investment piece is a goal we must strive for if we want to slow the speeding freight train of climate change.

When considering a purchase of an ethically made garment, think about the number of times you will wear that piece divided by its cost. It somehow doesn’t seem so expensive any more, right?

Food for thought….

Kimberly Becker

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