Packing light for a week (or two) of travel - want to join me in Laos?

originally published September 10, 2023

One of my passions is traveling. I am the living breathing definition of wanderlust. In fact, I take people traveling several times a year. Check out the website for my traveling adventures…. .

We are off to Paris in a few weeks and then Laos in January.

When I pack for a hot climate (South East Asia) I am VERY EFFICIENT. I try hard to avoid checking bags. I wear a pair of pants, a cotton shirt and a light sweater on the plane, and pack a few dresses, a couple of pairs of sandals, a cute cardigan, and several accessories that can carry me through a whole week. My Essential Swing Dress and Studio Top, along with the Glam pants I’m introducing are a great start!

I also have a packing trick- I roll my clothes! See pick below. It Is AMAZING how much more I can fit by packing this way. Try it on your next adventure!

Stay tuned! It’s all coming soon!

Kimberly Becker 

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