Sustainable Fashion

originally published August 10, 2023


I am acutely aware of the fast fashion universe and the extreme damage fashion is doing to our planet.

It’s easy to say I’m creating “timeless pieces” and “core collections” but that’s simply not enough.

In addition to making high quality clothing though, we are going to offer a buy back program- return a used K. Becker garment and receive 20.00 credit toward your next purchase. We will clean and mend the garment and list it on our website at a deep discount. Creating a circular life for our garments is one way to own our commitment to reducing fashion waste. If you want to delve further, here’s a larger discussion of the circular design approach.

We are also recycling all scraps created during the manufacturing of our clothing, and we are including a mailing label in every box we ship that will allow you to fill the box with clothes you are done with and send the box (for free) to a clothing recycling company.



Kimberly Becker

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