Sustainable and eco-friendly Knits

Sustainable and eco-friendly Knits

Three things that can really start to effect change in the garment industry are....

1. Use high quality, sustainably sourced materials

The cashmere comes from the oldest mill in Scotland and is very high quality (unlike 99% of cashmere you will find in stores).

The merino wool is produced in Italy and is dyed using advanced, resource saving technology.

The EcoViscose is Lenzing certified, which carefully evaluates sustainable business management.

2. Reduce number of miles clothes travel during the production of the garments to cut down on carbon emissions generated from shipping

Knitting in Brooklyn not only reduces the miles the clothing travels before coming to you, but it also provides good paying jobs to the local community.

3. Create high quality pieces while producing as little waste as possible.

By knitting the pieces on 3D knitting machines, waste is essentially eliminated- no cutting, no sewing, no waste.

I believe a more educated consumer is key.  If each of us make choices to support sustainable garment production through our choices at the register, we may see less waste in our lifetimes.


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