I have strong opinions about style AND women's rights....

Yesterday was rough.

I may be oversharing, but here I go....

I'm torn between advocating for women to be who they are proudly (size, passions, opinions) and that little voice deep inside me telling me I am supposed to be thin and sexy and, well, you know where I'm going with this.

I'm 55 years old, I'm going through menopause, and I'm so done with it.

If men were subjected to night sweats there would be a better answer than the ones I got yesterday from my doctor....."you can do hormone replacement therapy but you'll be at much higher risk of developing cancer".  Or "we should take out your ovaries to lessen the risk for cancer due to your history but until there is something wrong with said ovaries your insurance won't pay for the surgery".

I'm exhausted from worrying about women in this country living in Red states who have lost control of their own bodies.  I'm sick of hearing phrases like "late term abortions".  I'm done with the idea that people in this country plan to vote for a man who has raped women.  DONE. DONE. DONE.

Ok, that helped.  

I'm working on a tee shirt that will have a hand screen printed image of the rough side of an oyster to represent our armor- the hard, sometimes calloused, outer shell that we all wear out into the world each day.

Stay tuned.....

But in the meantime, buy something for yourself!

this lovely cashmere scarf would be a delightful, soft, indulgent thing you could take with you out into the insanity of the world..... (and enjoy the pic of me in a VINTAGE JORDACHE DENIM JACKET!)

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