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K. Becker

Oyster Tee (Charcoal Grey)

Oyster Tee (Charcoal Grey)

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Hand Silkscreened in the studio in Maine, the Oyster tee is our "armor" for women.

We are fighting for our rights and the oyster shell is a symbol of the hard outer shell we all must conjure while surviving day to day. Rather than show the soft inside of the oyster, we prefer to show the craggy, rough outside which is everyone's reality.

The image is an original piece of art by Kimberly Becker and because they are not made in a factory on big machines, each tee is unique. No two are alike and, although they are close to the one pictured, none will be identical.

The tees are high quality cotton and machine washable and dryable.  Expect some fading over time.

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