Rocking My Height

originally published August 29, 2023

My daughter is transparent. Her skin is the shade of white you see on women in Renaissance paintings.

She has a tee shirt that says, “I’m not pale, It’s called porcelain, and I’m rocking it”.

We petites need to embrace our height and rock it!

When you wear clothes that have been cut to fit your body shape, that’s exactly what happens- you rock it. Stop buying clothes that are fitted on a 5’9” model. No more hemming 4” off of the cuffs or legs. No more cuffing sleeves so you can use your hands.

K. Becker clothing is designed and fitted on 5’2” women. Some are a size 4, some a size 22, some are a size 16. All are petite.

Am I speaking to you? Are you ready to rock it?

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Kimberly Becker 

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